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Promote Yourself Without Bragging (or Selling Short)
Recorded: 12/3/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
Promoting yourself and trying to professionally tout your own experience and skill is one of the more common challenges people face when it comes to t...
Shedding Self-Doubt in the Workplace
Recorded: 12/2/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
While we all like to believe we're confident in our skills and experiences at work, everyone battles with a level of self-doubt. Interestingly, women'...
Marketing for a Pro Sports Franchise: Milwaukee Brewers
Recorded: 11/10/2015
Duration: 19 Mins
If you love sports and have an interest in marketing, this could be the perfect career for you. Professional sports franchises are always looking to i...
Harnessing Time
Recorded: 11/6/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
Technology and the speed of business have many pros, but they can also work against all of us when it comes to productivity, efficiency and handling o...
Future Strong: Leading Tomorrow's Workforce
Recorded: 11/3/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
Whether we're making choices for ourselves or for an organization, they will have an immeasurable impact on the eventual outcome. Organizational exper...
Influential Leadership and Its Effective Implementation
Recorded: 10/29/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
The look and sound of leadership has been evolving for some time, and many subscribe to the idea of "influential leadership" as a more effective tacti...
Choosing the Perfect Internship
Recorded: 10/28/2015
Duration: 11 Mins
Internships have become a nearly essential step in the process of starting one's career in almost every field. Finding the best one for you takes some...
Training to Become a Police Officer
Recorded: 10/20/2015
Duration: 16 Mins
Most of us will only see the finished products of the police officers individuals become, watching them serve and protect in the community. With the p...
OFCCP: Friend or Foe?
Recorded: 10/19/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
Many employers approach being a federal contractor based on what they read or hear...enforcement, audit, penalties, etc. Ahmed Younies, President and...
Procrastinators and Time Management: A Love-Hate Story
Recorded: 10/19/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
For those that are considered procrastinators, time management can be seen as a dirty term. The reality is, without changes to their frame of mind, pr...
Understanding and Preventing Workplace Violence
Recorded: 10/5/2015
Duration: 14 Mins
While thankfully rare in a majority of cases, there always remains the chance of tragic workplace violence occurring in the workplace. Though instance...
Preventing Suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge
Recorded: 9/30/2015
Duration: 21 Mins
There are many meaningful jobs, but few directly save the lives of others in a face-to-face, high-pressure situation. Kevin Briggs is known as the Gua...
Venture Mom: From Idea to Income
Recorded: 9/30/2015
Duration: 14 Mins
The traditional working model isn't for everyone, and it can be especially difficult for women looking to commit fully to motherhood and a career. The...
Value of Strategic, World-Class Customer Service
Recorded: 9/29/2015
Duration: 14 Mins
With the push to virtual connections and technology-based services, there's a case to be made that customer care needs a greater strategic focus than...
Authentic Networking the Key to More Job Leads
Recorded: 9/24/2015
Duration: 17 Mins
There's hardly a doubt that networking leads to the most and best employment opportunities; however, connecting the right way can still be a challenge...
The Psychological Health of Your Workplace
Recorded: 9/18/2015
Duration: 16 Mins
The psychological health of one's workplace, and the varying factors that may contribute, can be a vitally important issue. To discuss a number of are...
Poor Performance and Who is to Blame
Recorded: 9/16/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
When it comes to important workplace topics, employee performance ranks near the top. However, when someone is performing poorly, who should actually...
Ideal Work Schedule and the Circadian Rhythm
Recorded: 9/14/2015
Duration: 15 Mins
Many people work on similar schedules, give or take a few extra hours. The more research that is done, however, shows that individuals need to be chec...
Myth vs. Reality: Hiring and Management
Recorded: 9/7/2015
Duration: 18 Mins
We’re introducing a new segment to LJNRadio, looking to get some candid, no-nonsense answers about popular phrases and ideas floating around the emplo...
Technology's Impact on Communication
Recorded: 9/7/2015
Duration: 12 Mins
Communication has always been a hot topic in the world of employment. Each year, communication is listed as one of the most important skills, but also...