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by GetHired!™ Wednesday, March 30, 2011
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Q: Should I upload my resume in a database? How do I do it?

Uploading your resume in a resume database may suit some job seekers and may not suit others. On our web sites, you can select three settings when you upload your resume – private, available to direct employers, or available to all employers. For many job seekers, setting as public will get them the most exposure – companies that have registered on our site can search the database and will contact qualified candidates. To upload your resume, simply register on the site and select New Resume / Profile.

Q: When I click on “Apply Now” it takes me to a different site. Do I need to do something else to apply?

Yes – many employers prefer that you apply directly on their web site. When you click the “Apply Now” from our web site, it will take you to the employer web site where you need to apply. You may need to register on the employer’s site, as well. Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place where you’ll remember it if you need to log in to their site again. [Read More...]