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  Where Do Job Leads Come From?
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
That’s what most job seekers want to know! “What is the most likely source for finding the right job?” and “Where should I focus my time?” Questions that make sense to ask… however, are very difficult to answer! MANY times, the best job leads come from the most unlikely sources! The best job lead may come out of the blue! Over the last four years, I’ve helped lead a job networking group and teach an 8-week class on job...
  Craft Your Resume To Get An Interview
by Ramon Greenwood - May, 2010
Your resume is the all-important first step in the your search for a job, but don't expect it to close the deal. Instead, craft it with a single objective in your mind: Get invited in for an interview where you can elaborate on and sell your qualifications in face-to-face communications with one or more decision makers. Remember recruiters use resumes as an essential part of the screening process to help weed through t...
  Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!!!
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
“It’s been a week since my interview and I haven’t heard anything...” “I had a great informational interview but that was the last I heard...” “I had a phone conversation with a good contact in the company...” “I have almost 100 people I’ve networked with in my job search so far...” “I met someone, at (an event) that said they knew someone, but haven’t heard back...” “...should I follow up?” I teach an 8 week...
  Prepare Your References For Job Search Success
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2010
This month’s question relates to preparing for success...What should job seekers do now to prepare for interviews? Let’s face it, sometimes a long-time job search winds up in an interview scheduled with little lead time. Be sure to follow the links listed below for answers that may include information regarding: • References (Whom to ask? Do references even matter, when everyone is busy Googling?) • Interview preparation/r...
  Stop Being Creative in Your Job Search
by Kevin Donlin - May, 2010
“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” That’s according to economist and Harvard professor, Theodore Levitt. And that’s absolutely correct. Especially in job hunting, where too many people think too much and do too little. Want proof? According to surveys cited by David Wessel in The Wall Street Journal, “The unemployed in the United States spend 40 minutes a day looking for work...
  Taking Advantage of your Summer
by Claudine Vainrub - May, 2010
Internships and other ways to make a use of your summer vacation: Gone are the days when summer vacation time was solely used for going to the beach, being lazy and relaxing around the house. With the competition evident in the college admissions race, it pays off to think about doing something more useful with your time of leisure. Preparing for the college admissions race requires a lot of time and effort. However, it...
  7 Essential Paper-tools and Social Media Tools for your Job Search Portfolio!
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
Next step – Career Transition Action Plan outline (Part II) A resume is not enough! You will need a portfolio of professional paper-tools and job search tools. These tools should be in both the traditional formats (i.e.: hardcopy of a resume) and in the Web 2.0 formats (i.e.: LinkedIn profile) Read on to learn about the 7 Essential Papertools for your Career Transition Action Plan (Part II) This post is part II...
  Don’t Forget the “Search”
by Mark Puppe - May, 2010
The job search is a daunting task that job seekers often worsen by using substandard resumes and thinking the search is over when an online application is complete. However, there are several tactics and tools that will enhance your chances. All it takes is a little initiative and not forgetting to actually search. The fact you’re reading this site proves that you’re on the right track. This network provides countless ideas...
  I Have A Warrant for Your Application
by Mark Puppe - May, 2010
Hundreds of applications get dropped on human resources, so the last thing staff wants is a biography, regurgitated description or list self proclaimed skills. They want to see results and your resume is the evidence. Let’s look at the application process as if you’re a defendant accused of being unqualified for a position and now expected to prove otherwise. Who issued the description and has the details right in front of...
  Three Career Lessons From The Soccer Field
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2010
Have you ever watched small kids play soccer? It can be a real trip! (Pun intended.) While watching a game last weekend, I thought of 3 lessons job seekers can learn... Do you know which way you should be kicking? In the game I watched, there is no goalie in the box. So, sometimes it is tough for the kids to remember which way they should be kicking. (This is complicated by the fact that they switch sides during the game...
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