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  Career Search Support and Inspiration
by Debra Wheatman - May, 2010
Reflecting on the clients that I have had the pleasure to work with I thought it appropriate to provide some observations regarding career search. One thing that immediately hampers a job search is poor feelings of self-worth. The power of positive thinking is something that should not be dismissed as unimportant. The happier you feel, the more that feeling will make you feel happy; and it will spread to those that come in con...
  Four Secrets Of Grabbing The Recruiter’s Attention In Your Cover Letter
by Shweta Khare - May, 2010
With hundreds and thousands of resumes being submitted for one single job opening, the only way you can make the recruiter open your resume is by having a smart and unique cover letter (and of course the other way is when you have a direct reach to the hiring managers). Remember that the employers are seeking the best candidate for their offered job description and it is to you how you can make yourself stand out. Here are the...
  Who You Should (And Shouldn't) Turn To For Resume Advice
by Laura Smith-Proulx - May, 2010
Showing your resume around to get feedback? Doing so can be a career-killer, especially if you're blindly taking others' advice. Here are 5 groups you might seek out for an honest, effective perspective on your resume--including some resources that I'd recommend skipping if you really want more interviews: 1 - Personal contacts (friends, family, etc.) Unless they are familar with your career accomplishments, this grou...
  Customize Each Cover Letter You Send Or Don't Send One At All
by Liz Handlin - May, 2010
One of the services I offer is cover letter writing. Many clients contact me and ask me to write both a resume and cover letter. I always tell them the same thing: I am happy to write a resume but let's wait until you are applying for a specific job or to a specific company to write that cover letter. Part of the reason for that is that the way I write cover letters is very customized. I need to learn about the person I am wri...
  Four Guerrilla Job-Search Tips from Ireland
by Kevin Donlin - May, 2010
Sometimes the shortest route to a new job is a straight line. That’s what one Irish “guerrilla” job hunter found in Canada, with ramifications for your job search -- no matter where you live. This story is courtesy of Curt Bolan, a career and employment consultant at Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services, in Saskatoon. Read on to learn four ways you can get hired faster by taking the “Irish” approach......
  Bad Credit? Employer Credit Check? No Worries!
by Judi Perkins - May, 2010
In addition to drug testing and often fingerprinting, companies both national and international have also required credit checks. But it’s become more the norm than the exception, because with the extreme number of people applying, companies have implemented it as a means of indicating a candidate’s character. Unfortunately for the many who have been out of work so long they’ve destroyed their credit, a credit check strike...
  Where Do Job Leads Come From?
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
That’s what most job seekers want to know! “What is the most likely source for finding the right job?” and “Where should I focus my time?” Questions that make sense to ask… however, are very difficult to answer! MANY times, the best job leads come from the most unlikely sources! The best job lead may come out of the blue! Over the last four years, I’ve helped lead a job networking group and teach an 8-week class on job...
  Craft Your Resume To Get An Interview
by Ramon Greenwood - May, 2010
Your resume is the all-important first step in the your search for a job, but don't expect it to close the deal. Instead, craft it with a single objective in your mind: Get invited in for an interview where you can elaborate on and sell your qualifications in face-to-face communications with one or more decision makers. Remember recruiters use resumes as an essential part of the screening process to help weed through t...
  Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!!!
by Harry Urschel - May, 2010
“It’s been a week since my interview and I haven’t heard anything...” “I had a great informational interview but that was the last I heard...” “I had a phone conversation with a good contact in the company...” “I have almost 100 people I’ve networked with in my job search so far...” “I met someone, at (an event) that said they knew someone, but haven’t heard back...” “...should I follow up?” I teach an 8 week...
  Prepare Your References For Job Search Success
by Miriam Salpeter - May, 2010
This month’s question relates to preparing for success...What should job seekers do now to prepare for interviews? Let’s face it, sometimes a long-time job search winds up in an interview scheduled with little lead time. Be sure to follow the links listed below for answers that may include information regarding: • References (Whom to ask? Do references even matter, when everyone is busy Googling?) • Interview preparation/r...
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