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  Performance Reviews in a Recession: Four Types of Bosses and Psychological Tips To Succeed!
by Sharon Cohen - Mar, 2010
• Performance review coming up? • Wondering what this means, in a recession? • Need tips to understand your boss? Most of us, have either been on the receiving end of a performance review or as a supervisor, may have conducted performance reviews. We have all had our share, of these uncomfortable meetings. In a previous work role, I had a staff of 30 part-time employees, volunteers and interns. As the “boss” I dreaded...
  Creating a Powerful Impression
by Mary Jeanne Vincent - Mar, 2010
First impressions count. Is your professional image enhancing or hindering your chances for success? This is the question, Marion Gellatly, a certified image master in Pebble Beach, isn’t afraid to ask. And you can believe it is what every hiring manager is mentally assessing during the interview. Every interaction with a potential employer is an opportunity to build or destroy a positive impression. Are your marketing m...
  Prepared for Randomness
by Gary Cohen - Mar, 2010
You work hard to become knowledgeable yet, admittedly, it is easier for some than for others. Even before you learn to speak a journey has begun. As a youth perhaps you begin to emulate some of your parent's beliefs regarding religion, politics, and culture. As time advances you move on to more complex ideas such as advanced equations, the teachings of early philosophers, and even how your system of government was designed to...
  Who is Talking About You Online?
by Joshua Waldman - Mar, 2010
Your Personal Brand is not a static thing. It’s not a thing at all. Perhaps, a brand is best described as a process. Think of a candle. At first, the candle produces no flame. Then you strike a match, and light the wick. Then, the candle will burn just as long as there is something to burn, oxygen, wick and wax. Remove any of these conditions and the light goes out. Keep the Fire of Your Brand Burning If you’ve inv...
  Quality and Personal Excellence...NOT an Option!
by Andy Robinson - Mar, 2010
Quality and Personal Excellence are two key elements of your Personal Brand. The degree to which you fully embrace the importance of these elements is communicated to others on a continuous basis and is incorporated into others' vision of who you are -- i.e., the Personal Brand that you broadcast. Those who are fully aware of this fact can definitely undertake action to broadcast a Personal Brand that elevates their profession...
  Six Ways To Increase Your Visibility at Work
by Tai Goodwin - Mar, 2010
If you come in on time, keep your head down, do your work and show that you are a team player – surely your boss will realize your dedication right? And there’s no way that your company will be able to overlook your hard work and above and beyond contributions right? Wrong. In today’s world of work - hard work, being a team player, and adhering to basic professional standards are baseline expectations of all employees....
  Ten Ideas for Keeping Your Skills Transferable and Broadening Your Career Options
by Andy Robinson - Mar, 2010
I definitely noted a situation faced by all too many laid-off employees and job-seeking -- having been in an specific job area or industry area for a number of years developing a set of skills that end up being limited in terms of transferability or "usability" in a new job or new career. Many of these individuals find themselves unable to land a new job, sometimes being unemployed for extended periods of time. This situatio...
  Career Hole-in-One
by Kris Parfitt - Mar, 2010
I’m quite lucky, I have the profound honor of having Roy Parfitt as my father. His career was steeped in the early days of Silicon Valley in the 70’s where his ideas on how to respectfully treat employees revolutionized Human Resources. He is now retired, or as he likes to say “keeping my options open” and nowadays you can find him enjoying a hearty round of golf in Gig Harbor, WA or Sun Lakes, AZ almost any day of the week. W...
  Career Transition and Four Stage Career Planning: Bitten off More Than You Can Chew?
by Sharon Cohen - Mar, 2010
Bitten off more than you can chew with your career transition? Do you feel overwhelmed and confused about all of the potential career choices? Don't know how to plan a successful career change? Is your lack of career direction creating chaos? My dog, Chester, often bit more than he could chew, and created chaos. Chester is a brown, "Bearded Collie," and the photo was taken when he was 4 months old and about 25 lbs....
  I’m Sorry, You Have Two Minutes
by Suzanne Bates - Mar, 2010
“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” - Oprah Winfrey Imagine this. You’ve worked for several weeks to prepare a 30 minute presentation. You’re feeling pretty good about it. You hope it will be enough to make an impression on your board, senior team or client. You walk into the room and they say, ”Listen, sorry, we’re really behind, uh...can you cover this in two minutes?” Freeze. Smile. Nod. OH...
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