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  Four Types of Job Attitudes – Which One Are You?
by Mary Sherwood Sevinsky - Nov, 2009
Attitude Noun 1. the way a person thinks and behaves 2. a position of the body 3. Informal a hostile manner 4. the orientation of an aircraft or spacecraft in relation to some plane or direction [Latin aptus apt] Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006 © HarperCollins Publishers 2004, 2006 FACT: Attitude = Effectiveness & Success On-the-Job Thinking and behaving (attitude) influence the world aroun...
  Time Your Tasks, Increase Your Income!
by Bernadette Boas - Nov, 2009
Do you know where you are spending your time each and every day in your business? Do you if those tasks and that time is providing the return in productivity, revenue or profit that you expect for you and your business? No matter the business, the client, and the length of time someone has been in business, one significant drain on their results and accomplishments is distractions, lack of focus, and swirling throughout...
  Top Five Key Word Sources for Your Personal Brand
by Joshua Waldman - Nov, 2009
I previously wrote about the death of the verb and the rise of the Noun, so I won’t explain that here. But if you haven’t read that post, I suggest you do so. I’m often asked, “Well, if I need nouns, how do I know what nouns to use?” Here is a simple list of some great places to begin growing your Keyword list. Use Your Brain I’m not being cheeky by saying that. I think we often overlook our own common sense because t...
  Four Self-Perceptions Can Improve Your Career!
by Debra Wheatman - Nov, 2009
Is it any wonder that the better you feel about yourself the more fulfilling your relationships are and the more empowered you feel in your work? It shouldn’t be! If you think about it, your own self-perception is the biggest driver of how others perceive you. It makes perfect sense that if you feel good, you project a positive and upbeat manner – other people area drawn to that. Human nature indicates that people like to be a...
  Get Out Of Your Own Way!
by Bernadette Boas - Nov, 2009
Do you find yourself as a business owner getting in your own way of getting results due to constraints or negative belief systems you have of yourself and your abilities? Do you find yourself procrastinating on doing things that you just do not want to do, or maybe you are not sure what you should be doing? Are you letting the doldrums of the economy drag you down along with it, and you cannot find a way out? Business...
  Who Are You?
by Christine Hassler - Nov, 2009
Last week I presented the question "Are you having a quarterlife crisis" and shared a quiz to support you in answering that question. For most twenty-somethings that took the quiz, I suspect you answered "yes" to the majority of the questions. The simple fact is that a so-called "quarterlife crisis" is a natural part of growing up. In my experience and work coaching quarter-lifers, what is at the root of most quarterlife crise...
  You Can Thrive In, Not Just Survive, An Economic Slogging!
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Nov, 2009
As co-coordinator with my colleague Miriam Salpeter, I am pleased to participate in our second round of posts from our community of expert career advisors and resume writing professionals called the Career Collective. This month’s articles are in response to Quintessential Careers Job Action Day. Please follow our hashtag on Twitter: #careercollective. The economy is in a slump. Cost cutting and lay offs persist. We all...
  Your Key For Success, Measure Your Results!
by Bernadette Boas - Nov, 2009
“The world stands aside for the man who knows where he’s going.” Tom Peters Measuring the results of all of your business activities is key to understanding the effectiveness and value of the efforts, time and money you and your team are putting towards the business. If you are unaware or have not measured if: • the revenue you planned for the month or the number of new customers you wanted to obtain was achieved • the...
  The Ability to Learn is Your Most Important Skill
by Alexandra Levit - Nov, 2009
When employers talk about desirable skills they look for in new hires, they usually mean things like marketing, IT, budgeting, and project management. But what about the ability to learn? I’m not kidding. Let’s say a 20-something employee, we’ll call her Amy, starts a new job as a sales representative at a Fortune 500 software company. She graduated from college fairly recently and has never done sales before, so her boss e...
  An Attitude For Success
by William Lemerond - Nov, 2009
If you want success in what you are pursuing, then you must have the attitude for success. You need to have the right attitude, which is the right set of beliefs that will guide you to take the proper actions towards achieving your goals. How can you be sure you have the right attitude for success? After all, there is a multitude of beliefs and values on can have. I have comprised a list below, a very good list that can ser...
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