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  Keep Moving!
by Mandy Marchitello - May, 2010
A couple of years ago, I participated in a women’s entrepreneurial workshop. It was a fabulous environment where women bounced ideas off each other regarding the individual businesses we were trying to launch. I learned so much from this group of ladies...but one particular lesson remains embedded in my mind. KEEP MOVING! The group’s facilitator would begin our weekly meetings by going around the room, asking each person...
  Career Transition Action Plan (Part I)
by Sharon Cohen - May, 2010
• Wondering if you are playing the job search game correctly? • Are you in career transition and overwhelmed? • Are you considering a new industry, sector, functional role or job? • How do you know if you have the skills, knowledge and experience to be competitive? One of my favorite career management topics is Career Transition Strategy. I love meeting with clients and helping them plan their career transitions. S...
  Personal Branding Magic - Keeping Your Promises and Commitments
by Andy Robinson - May, 2010
How effective are you at keeping the promises and commitments you make - those commitments you make to others and those commitments you make to yourself? The cost you pay for not keeping your promises may not seem like much at the time, but the true cost is a cumulative cost, a cost that, over time, will significantly erode (1) the trust others place in you, (2) your personal integrity, (3) your self-esteem, (4) your self-c...
  Life On The Job: How to Handle Difficult Coworkers
by Patricia Erickson - May, 2010
Do you love your job but hate your coworkers? If you’re pulling your hair out or plotting out ways to bludgeon your coworker (without getting caught) with a paper weight read on. Unfortunately, your first thought might be to resign from your current position. That is not always necessary. Sure it might be easiest to cut and run when facing difficult or unruly coworkers, but is it the right move? If the job is worth it, you...
  How Better Presentation Skills Can Get You Ahead In Your Career
by Shweta Khare - Apr, 2010
When are you making a presentation at your workplace? At the seminars, meetings, expos, sales presentations? Think again, presenting is much more diverse and is an inherent part of today’s workplace. Not only in a meeting but when putting up a proposal on why you must expect a pay increase this year, discussing your performance reviews or trying to move on to a more satisfying project, you are using your presentation skills to...
  The Whole Person
by Nan S. Russell - Apr, 2010
Henry Ford is reported to have quipped, "Why is it that I always get the whole person when what I really want is a pair of hands?" The 21st century version doesn't sound quite like that, but its essence prevails in plenty of workplaces. The functional equivalent of Ford's thinking is housed in statements from supervisors, managers, and coworkers like: "What do you mean her kid is sick again, and I have to do her work?" "I k...
  Poor Grammar, Poor Impression
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
I wrote the column below two years ago, but that’s irrelevant, because the situation continues. I tend to run it every few months, this time because I’m not only seeing it in cover letters, but several of us were discussing it on FB this week. I don’t care about casual communication between friends, but resumes, cover letters, websites...That there’s a plethora of applicants for almost every job is no secret. But a company...
  Critical Steps For Your Career Transition
by Debra Wheatman - Apr, 2010
One of the toughest challenges job seekers face is figuring out how to make a career transition. Sometimes transition is forced; maybe jobs in your industry or area are dwindling. Other times, you want to do something different – explore new options. Whatever the situation, HOW to transition is a critical sticking point. Having worked with clients at various levels of their careers, transition is an area that comes up time and...
  Can You Lead Without Authority?
by Alexandra Levit - Apr, 2010
In a business world of shrinking hierarchies and individual contributors, one of the toughest challenges for the high-achiever is learning to lead without authority. In my years in the workforce, I’ve been responsible for several large, multi-departmental initiatives with only a few direct reports to engage. Here’s what I’ve learned through my own experiences: Let your passion shine through It’s hard to be critical of...
  How to Find 15 Extra Hours in Your Schedule Every Month
by Andy Robinson - Apr, 2010
What would you do if you were "given" 15 extra hours each month? We're talking about more than four weeks of extra PERSONAL time each year! What would be the highest and best use of that time? Consider the following as your "Time" gift: Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier beginning TOMORROW morning and for every morning going forward. This extra 30 minutes a day could literally TRANSFORM your life - your work-life,...
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