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  25 Ways To Keep Your Career Healthy – Always
by Shweta Khare - Oct, 2009
Career management and advancement is an ongoing process. You must be proactive at taking charge of your career and keeping it healthy by nurturing it with the nutrients of career building skills and industry knowledge. Read and act upon these tips to keep your career healthy always. In the coming weeks we will detail each of these points with more information and insight. 1. Clarify your career goals. What are your aspir...
  New Leaders Must "Fit" to Be Successful
by Dwain Celistan - Oct, 2009
In a recent survey of senior leaders, learning their culture was deemed one of the most important factors for selecting retained executive recruiters. Leveraging this knowledge should lead to identifying leaders who will "fit". The survey was conducted by Gundersen Partners among 220 senior leaders across industries. Most respondents were line leaders in general management (51%), followed by marketing roles (35%). Additiona...
  Nine Strategies for Presenting to Your Senior Leaders
by Suzanne Bates - Oct, 2009
I’m just back from an intensive week in which our Bates team coached 23 top leaders of a Fortune 50 company on their strategic recommendations for the organization. There was a lot riding on it for each of them, since the Chairman and CEO of the company and members of the senior leadership team would be evaluating their presentations and providing feedback. What the SLT was looking for were clear, bold solutions to signifi...
  The #1 Skill of Great Leaders
by David Lee - Oct, 2009
Becoming a “People Whisperer”:How to Communicate So People Care About—and Act On—What You Say Whether you are a CEO or an individual contributor, your success is largely determined by your ability to “move people”: to get them to both care about what you say, and then to act. In fact, research discussed in How Extraordinary Leaders Double Profits showed that the #1 competency separating leaders producing great profits and...
  Time To Go For The End Zone! Your Goals
by Bernadette Boas - Oct, 2009
“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” Jim Rohn Our focus is on defining your Vision for your business and life, the Mission or Purpose you have for your life, and the Values that are important to you and your business acumen that would be key to the success of your business....
  Using a Mentor Can Add Up in the Professional Career Search
by Hallie Crawford - Oct, 2009
Are you afraid of the career change conversation with your family, friends, coworkers etc? Does it seem like as soon as you decide to make a positive change, the whole world turns against you and tells you why you can’t do it, that it’s not possible or something else that’s not very encouraging? One of the biggest challenges that people in career transition face is trying to convince their families, friends, coworkers and...
  Moving Your Career Forward in Tough Times
by Ford R. Myers - Oct, 2009
Work Harder and Smarter for Better Career Results Let's face it: the job market is bad and the economy is worse. That's why this is the time to push harder than ever in conducting your job search and managing your career. In addition to working harder, you'll need to work smarter as well. Are you upset that you didn't “ace” your last job interview? Are you feeling like a failure because the job you wanted went to another...
  Leadership: How to Ask the Right Questions
by Gary Cohen - Oct, 2009
Question-based leadership only works if managers don't provide all the answers. Here's how to focus on being a facilitator, not an oracle. What are the right questions for leaders to ask? Like notorious law school professors who interrogate their students until the "truth" appears, many business leaders hold meetings where they pepper employees with rapid-fire questions. But too often managers' questions are designed to...
  The Power of Stories
by David Lee - Oct, 2009
How do you keep your workers inspired, determined, and confident in the face of change, challenge and uncertainty? One of the things you do—especially if you’re a business owner or senior level leader—is to tell stories. Not just any story. You need to tell the kind of stories that leaders at great companies like Ritz Carlton, Southwest Airlines, Nordstrom, and FedEx tell. They tell stories about the great things...
  Five Ways to Make Meetings Better
by Phil Gerbyshak - Sep, 2009
Recently I spent a few minutes with Anita Bruzzese, talking about how to make meetings better. I’d encourage you to check out Anita’s article as I’m not the only one who offered insights into how to make meetings better. Of course, Anita didn’t use all of my suggestions (and I didn’t expect her to) so her editing is your gain. I spend over 25% of my work life in my meetings, and I’ve been to more than my share of good (and...
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