Three Reasons Job Seekers Will Have to ‘Hit the Gym’ in 2010
We recently asked CAREEREALISM readers how long it’s going to take to find a job in 2010. The majority of you (45%) said you expect it to take 3-5 months to find work. But honestly, current economic indicators suggest it will be even longer. With 6 job seekers to every job opening and unemployment expected to hover near 10% for most of 2010, the harsh reality is only the truly committed job seekers will find work. Similar to losing weight, job search will be tried by many, but achieved by few.

Here’s why...

Job seekers deal with many of the same challenges dieter’s do. There’s a reason 95% of people trying to lose weight don’t reach their goal – they are lacking one or more vital elements to success. The same applies for job seekers. While paved with good intentions, most job seekers don’t have what they really need to complete a successful job search.

3 Elements for Success

Whether we are trying to lose weight or find a job, it all boils down to environment. Specifically, an environment that provides three things:

• Inspiration
• Education
• Connection

When we have the above, our ability to succeed improves significantly. And, one of the best ways to gain access to these vital elements is to join a club.

Whether Dieting or Job Seeking, NOBODY Should Go it Alone!

Let’s look at health club benefits. We join because we recognize we need to be motivated to workout. Additionally, we know we’re not experts in exercise and want to take advantage of the expertise of fitness instructors and personal trainers on staff. Finally, (and most importantly), we hit the club so we can connect with other people looking to lose weight, which helps make the process feel less isolated and difficult. To sum it up: Joining a club offers multiple benefits we wouldn’t be able to access on our own.

PREDICTION: Smart Job Seekers Will Seek Out and Join ‘Career Clubs’ in 2010!

For the same reason dieters join health clubs, job seekers who want to find work in 2010 will be wise to join career clubs that can provide the daily inspiration, education and connection needed to keep a job search moving forward. Examples of these clubs Include:

• Subscribing to career advice blogs that offer cutting-edge information.
• Using LinkedIn to connect with colleagues and join groups related to our career goals.
• Creating and following lists of people we respect on Twitter.
Simply put, leveraging career clubs helps job seekers stay committed to their goals.