Positioning: Critical For an Effective Career Shift
Positioning is not only critical in a successful job search it is also essential in the ability to shift your career to the next level. Questions for candidates contemplating or already consumed in a job search should include, how do I get noticed by recruiters, by hiring managers, by the HR department, and by decision makers? The first and most important aspect to consider is how well you have positioned yourself for your new career goals.

In order to attain your goals there needs to be a shift in your personal brand to accurately position you for a vertical career move. The shift should be focused on your brand, value, resume and all career documents, and networking efforts to meet or exceed the criteria for your goals to be achieved.

How can you portray yourself in a way that makes you irresistible to your resume’s readers? The answer will come after you have researched and narrowed down the target companies and positions of interest. Do you know who your target audience is or what is the specific type of position you are looking for? Do you know what expectations will be required of you? And do you know the struggles your target company is currently facing? Answering several focused questions will give you a true understanding what you need to include in your resume campaign to position you for progression in your career.

If for example, you are trying to shift your career from a mid or senior level position and want to be considered for an executive position, your resume needs to focus on skills expected to be well developed and thoroughly articulated in an executive resume such as leadership, critical thinking, negotiation, presentation and problem solving expertise. It should also reflect a strong value proposition that will entice readers into considering you as an interview candidate.

Along with your resume, your networking activities should reflect the position you are targeting. Finding ways to communicate with the professionals that are in the same level, company or position you are now pursuing should be your main networking goal. Whether it is an off line networking event, meeting directly with a potential contact or maneuvering through groups and contact developments online, building a uniform brand will get you noticed.

Building a brand that aligns with the corporate strategy of a particular type of position or company is a step in the right direction. It will keep you focused on your goal, keep others focused on your skills and value and you can begin today.