Personal Branding and the Sustainable Career
Recently, I've been working with outplacement clients who want to pursue sustainable careers; that is, to work in socially or environmentally responsible companies performing activities that make a difference in the world. I think this is laudable and hope they are able to find their ideal jobs and enjoy long tenures doing work that really matters to them.

Actually, though, virtually all displaced workers want sustainable careers. By this they mean finding the perfect job that will spare them the trauma of another layoff and job search. Their question is, “How do I do that?” Unfortunately, during mergers and acquisitions or economic downturns, there is no easy answer and certainly no guarantee that particular jobs will last.

Yet, there is a career management strategy that can lead to career sustainability. By engaging in the personal branding process, you can achieve clarity about what you do that no one else does quite like you. With that knowledge, you can establish an ongoing brand identity system to clearly, consistently, and constantly communicate your value to the people who need to know about you in your organization and industry. Combine your brand with the skills to effectively function in our increasingly flat world, and you’re less likely to spend time actively pursuing opportunities. Instead, opportunity is more likely to find you!