Living the Dream
Living the dream is what the Olympians of the 2010 Winter Olympics are doing during the next couple of weeks. But the dream for them was born 5, 10 or even 15 years ago and has been achieved through countless hours and years of hard work, failure, tears, injury, smiles, joy, and triumph. Each Olympian has their own unique story but they all have one common goal — to be the best they can be.

I think that is why we are so drawn to the Olympics. It is a chance to see what true devotion and unfailing pursuit looks like. Most of us don’t ever experience that level of passion or commitment to a goal, and watching and rooting for them somehow brings us closer to feeling that dedication.

So to the job seekers watching the Olympics, are you seeing the fruits of your hard work? If not are you getting rejuvenated and motivated watching these athletes give totally to their goals? With that same dire determination to succeed is how you should be attacking your job search.

Are you an Olympian job seeker?

Do you spend hours a day perfecting your technique and improving your skills? Are you reaching out to find new ways to increase your performance? Do you have a dream job that serves as your goal and something you focus on daily?

The Olympics are only once every four years and still their dream drives them and keeps them moving forward. These athletes visualize living the dream and winning the gold. They stay inspired by associating with those that have succeeded before them and they continue to move forward. Job seekers need this same intensity, they need to work everyday to move forward, research companies, garner new contacts and stay in constant contact with others succeeding in what you are trying to do.

Watch the Olympics and listen to the interviews and stories of the athletes and their sacrifices, trails, and ultimate triumph to make it to the Olympics and live their dreams. Use these success stories to fuel your own dreams. Use them to reestablish your commitment to your own goal and strive to find the success you deserve and to live the dream like a true Olympian!