Creating a Fresh Resume for a Job With Your Current Employer
Thinking about applying for a job with your current employer? Many employees consider doing the same thing every year in hopes of being promoted internally. Of course, in most cases, employees are required to start the application process all over again. This can feel intimidating but actually isn’t a bad thing at all.

By starting over, you have a chance to review your current skills and accomplishments and improve your resume with new qualifications. Also, because you know the company inside and out, you can use organization insight to your advantage. Are you ready to get started? Here are some ways to create a fresh resume that will impress your employer.

Get Friendly With Human Resources

It’s likely that if you found the new position via a bulletin board or website posting then your human resources department did the work. With your inside track, you have the perfect resource for learning more about the position you’re applying for.

During a break, take some time to stroll down to the human resources office to learn more about the position. You may even have an opportunity to find out who the hiring manager is and speak directly with him or her about the position. This could provide insight into which skills and accomplishments should be added to your resume.

Showcase Knowledge of and Passion for the Company

Because you’re on the inside track, you have a wealth of knowledge about the company. You can use this to your advantage by showcasing your passion for the company’s mission and your knowledge of the direction in which it wants to move.

If you’ve volunteered for committees, don’t be shy about adding this information—or include what you think is a great direction for the company to move in within the department you hope to enter or continue with. Managers will actually appreciate your insight and may be willing to hire you for the great ideas you can bring to the table.

Have Company Leaders Add Testimonials

Another great way to leverage your resume against others applying for the job is to have leaders in your company add testimonials to your resume. Testimonials on your resume are similar to those you’ll find from people who are willing to vouch for a new product.

The testimonials need to be only two or three sentences long, and you need only two or three for your resume. Adding them will make a tremendous difference in the hiring manager’s perception of you as a candidate.

One thing you don’t want to do when writing a resume for your current employer is replicate the one you submitted years ago. Bring something fresh to the table in order to demonstrate your crystal-clear growth as an employee—one who has been trained well enough to excel in a new position.