Being Nice Does Matter in Finding Your Dream Job
This week was the kick off of the 9th season of American Idol. Every year I say I am not going to watch it, but somehow the show finds its way on to the screen of my television. I tell myself, just the first night… to get a feel for what this season may hold.

I admit that I watched the whole show and towards the end, when there were only a few contestants left, a man entered the room for his very long awaited audition and let the panel see his aggravation for having to wait all day. He had apparently been there for many long hours nervously waiting and was tired and a bit cranky.

Well, he was given a chance to sing but the discussion afterwards quickly grew heated as Kara unleashed her anger on this man. She let him know that he had ruined his chance because of his attitude and character, and would not be going any further in the competition.

Whether I agreed with Kara’s outburst or not, and whether the young man had a good voice doesn’t really matter because the people he needed to impress in order to proceed, were not impressed. He lost his chance with the simple act of complaining.

How many times have you complained or whined to someone about your current situation or didn’t take the extra step to be nice to someone? Do you ever wonder if any of those recipients might have been missed opportunities? What if you were at a networking event complaining unknowingly to someone who knew of an opening in his department that would suit you. He could easily and understandably decide to not share the information with you because he would not want be the one to bring a whiner or downer into his office?

You don’t know where your next opportunity will come from and this should be a good reminder to be nice to others, on a regular basis (or at least until you find a new job). Watching American Idol I heard Simon and the others comment repeatedly when they thought someone “seemed like a genuinely nice person” or “have a really good vibe about them”.

Being nice in your job search and your career does matter. People might not remember your name, or what you were selling but they will remember if they liked you or not. Give it a try!