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  Do It Right - Internationally
by Valerie Sokolosky - Sep, 2015
Are you jet set ready to build new business in another part of the world? When you do, it’s important to show up with your consistent “on brand” image. The way that you conduct yourself overseas is critical. With cultural sensitivities to consider, Here are a few International Etiquette Tips from Do it Right! 1. Learn common phrases in the local language such as “please,” “thank you,”, and “nice to meet you.” 2. Avoid pr...
  Community Outreach & Diversity
by Local JobNetwork™ - May, 2012
Welcome to a powerful network that connects employers with more than 16,000 organizations across the nation to provide employment assistance to constituents in their communities. We value our partnerships with construction/skilled trades, diversity organizations, general business, historically black colleges and unive...
  5 Job Search Tips for International Students
by Lindsey Pollak - Feb, 2011
I was struck by a recent front page story in The New York Times that discussed the steady rise in Chinese students applying to U.S. colleges and universities. While the article focused on how schools like Grinnell College in Iowa actively recruit in China and how an international students can “have an edge if he or she can pay full tuition,” my mind immediately fast-forwarded four years: Will the same universities that woo...
  Workforce Diversity: Making It Work
by Judith Lindenberger - Oct, 2010
The workforce demographics of the American workforce are a far cry from what they were 50 years ago, when more than half the American workforce consisted of white males who were the sole breadwinners in the household. Statistics show that as the Baby Boomers move into retirement fully 85 percent of the workforce will be comprised of women or minorities. The challenge that diversity poses involves how to manage this mixture of...
  Job Search Tips for Multicultural Job Seekers
by Barbara Safani - Sep, 2010
I just returned from the National Resume Writers’ Association annual conference where I heard career professionals Murray Mann and Makini Harvey speak about multicultural recruiting. There is a great opportunity for multicultural candidates to embrace their diversity and showcase their differences to hiring managers in an effort to build a strong diversity brand and be found for current openings. Here are some of my key takeaw...
  What Is Your Stage of Identity Development? The Increasing Globalization of The Workplace
by Sharon Cohen - Dec, 2009
Who are you? What is your Cultural Identity? What is your stage of Identity Development and how can this impact your career? How adept are you at working with diverse people and/or for a Global Employer? The workplace is increasingly global and diverse. Each of our job titles and roles increasingly is intertwined with both national and multinational interests, technologies, operations, suppliers etc. We all have multi...
  Seek Employers That Understand Diversity as an Asset
by Claudine Vainrub - Nov, 2008
Coming from Venezuela, a country where only a very small percentage of workers are non-immigrants, and little diversity discrimination is felt, we perceive drastic differences between the views of diversity and minorities in the U.S. and other countries in the world. Reality is that the business world is every day more global. Minorities are rapidly growing, especially Hispanics, and so is our buying power. Quoting the Univ...
  Want to Improve Your Employment Prospects? Learn a Second Language
by Mary Gormandy White - Jun, 2007
As technology becomes more and more advanced, it seems like the world is getting smaller and smaller. The phrase “global economy” is mentioned in the media quite a bit, and it does accurately describe the 21st Century marketplace. Conducting business across international borders is becoming commonplace in just about every industry there is. As businesses engage in strategic planning to capitalize on the global marketplace...
  Lying on Your Resume Can Get You Fired
by Claudine Vainrub - May, 2007
The recent case on MIT's Dean of Admissions resignation due to alleged "misrepresented" information on her résumé - 28 years ago - is confirmation once again of how important it is to portray accurate data in person and in writing. Companies can now verify your professional background, even if it is International. Learn how to safeguard your documents. Can you honestly say that all information on your resume is 100% accur...
  Ready, Get Set, MOVE
by Claudine Vainrub - Apr, 2007
Moving to a new country or city can be a daunting experience. With big changes in culture, lifestyle, support system, personal economics, among other things, we undertake a venture that will surely shake our ground, making us very vulnerable. There are some things we can do to make a smoother transition. Here is a list of six to maximize success in your move: 1. Accept the new culture The first and most crucial thou...
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